Cooking Sous Vide: A Guide for the Home Cook

Sous vide cooking is quickly becoming one of the hottest culinary techniques. However, many people mistakenly think it requires expensive equipment and can't be done at home. The purpose of this book is to explain the basic concepts of sous vide to the home cook, present several low-cost options for getting started, and provide recipes and cooking times to begin exploring sous vide cooking.

Who Should Buy This Book

Anyone who is interested in finding out more about using sous vide at home, exploring the various equipment options, learning cooking times, and the science behind sous vide cooking.

Who Should Not Buy This Book

Expert cooks who already know a lot about using sous vide, people only interested in a book of recipes, people overly concerned about the safety of sous vide, and anyone not willing to explore new cooking techniques.

What You'll Get In This Book

Here are some of the topics covered in Cooking Sous Vide at Home:

Table of Contents

Intro to Sous Vide
    What is Sous Vide Cooking?
    Benefits of Sous Vide
    Disadvantages of Sous Vide
    Basic Sous Vide Technique
    Safety Concerns
Sous Vide Equipment
    Equipment Options
    Vacuum Sealers
    Temperature Regulation
Common Sous Vide Setups
    Ideal Home Sous Vide Setup
    Advanced Sous Vide Setup
    Cheap Sous Vide Setup
Tips and Tricks
    Time Saving
    Rosemary Short Ribs
    Pot Roast
    Mango-Chipotle Beef Ribs
    Fried Chicken
    BBQ Chicken Thighs
    Maple Glazed Pork Chops
    Smoky Lamb Chops
    "Almost Sushi" Salmon
    Rosemary-Almond Green Beans
    Roasted Garlic and Basil Mashed Potatoes
    Eggs and Toast
Time and Temperature Charts
    Meat (Tender Cuts)
    Meat (Tough Cuts)
    Fish and Shellfish
    Fahrenheit to Celsius Conversion
    Further Reading

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