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FREE Expert Video Roundup: Working With Brands

10 experts share their methods for successfully working with brands

Do you worry you're not getting the most out of your brand partnerships?

Are you tired of signing up one-off deals and feeling like you aren't making as much as you could?

Then let our experts show you the way at the next Expert Video Roundup: Working with Brands!

We've brought together specialists from both sides of the aisle, from influencer coach Jenny Melrose giving you the secret to accurately price your services to Chelsea Cole, the former Director of Marketing for Vesta Precision telling you exactly what they are looking for in long term blogging partners.

From affiliate links and sponsored posts to consulting and content creation there is a whole host of ways you can work with brands, and our experts will share with you what works, what doesn't work, and how to maximize your interactions with brands.

Whether you are just getting started with brands or ready to take your partnerships to the next level, you will discover how to move your blog forward at the next Expert Video Roundup: Working with Brands.

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What IS an Expert Video Roundup?

Being a food blogger can be overwhelming! There are many different aspects of the business you have to learn in order to grow. Considering the abundance of information out there to consume on any given topic, we want to put you in front of the information that matters.

To do that we pick a subject and have some of the biggest names in blogging record their expertise on the subject. We then tie is all together in a live show where we highlight the videos, interview the experts (with questions from you!), and continue to grow all of our expertise.

It is all brought to you by Megan Porta from Eat Blog Talk and Jason Logsdon from Makin' Bacon.

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Who is Speaking?

Here Are Some of Our Amazing Speakers!
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The Benefit of Long Term Brand Partnerships

Chelsea Cole from a Ducks Oven
It seems like all food bloggers are looking for brand partnerships, as we should! It's a great way to bring in additional revenue and gain exposure for our blog. The real secret to a successful partnership? A long term one. Here are some tips for achieving that from a former marketing director!

Tracie fobes

The Perfect Way to Price Your Content

Tracie Fobes, owner of the site TracieFobes.com
Pricing is one of the most important factors when it comes to working with brands. We'll go over a few of the mistakes bloggers make so you can avoid them - and get paid what you are worth!

Kathy hester eat plants mug 2

Pitching Live Video to Brands

Kathy Hester, vegan cookbook author and blogger at Plant Based Instant Pot and Healthy Slow Cooking, and live video coach
Are you already using live video to build your audience? Then it's time to create "add ons" that you can offer as a package or a la carte. We will talk about some of the different ways that you can use live video to make your sponsored work earn more and get more reach.

Get the Most Out of Brands Today!
Hey, did we mention it's also FREE to attend live?

Danielle liss

Negotiating Sponsored Content Contracts

Danielle Liss from Businessese and Liss Legal
Learn what to look for and how to negotiate your agreements with brands.

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A Behind the Scenes Conversation Between an Influencer and Her Talent Agent

Yvette Marquez from Muy Bueno Cooking and Johanna Voss from the johanna b. voss Talent Agency
Yvette and Johanna share helpful information about their relationship as Influencer + Manager. You'll learn when to think about partnering with an agent, what to do to prep for that transition, the benefit of having a manager and what a manager really does.


Making Your Content More Connected with SideChef

Sandie Markle the Director of Content Management at SideChef
Here's an overview of how SideChef works with our Culinary Partners, content creators who are excited about the innovations in food to get more people cooking in the kitchen.

Christina peters

5 Tips For Creating Photography For Brands

Christina Peters from Food Photography Blog and Food Photography Club
Here are some helpful tips you need to know when creating photos for brands so that your images don't get rejected!

Get the Most Out of Brands Today!
Hey, did we mention it's also FREE to attend live?

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How to Determine Your Rates for Sponsored Work

Jenny Melrose, author and podcaster of Influencer Entrepreneurs
Be sure you are getting paid the right amount for the work you are doing.


- Coming Soon -

Sally Ekus, Literary Agent and co-owner of The Lisa Ekus Group, a full service culinary agency.

Doug piper

- Coming Soon -

Doug Piper from Gourmet Brewing

Get the Most Out of Brands Today!
Hey, did we mention it's also FREE to attend live?