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Consistently Create Amazing Food With Sous Vide

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Do You Worry You Aren't Getting the Most Out of Your Sous Vide Machine?

Sous vide isn't magic! Like most cooking methods, having the confidence to use it consistently comes from a little bit of knowledge combined with practice.

And to help you get started, I've assembled all the information you need to know into my free sous vide email course. The information is broken up into bite-sized chunks that will arrive in your inbox every few days, moving you along at a pace you can easily keep up with, even with your busy schedule!

More than 11,500 adventurous cooks have leveled up their sous vide game with my course, now it's your turn!

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Understanding Time and Temperature

Discover times and temperatures you can trust to turn out perfectly cooked food every time, as well as the differences between cooking for thickness versus cooking for tenderness. Amazing meat and vegetables are within your grasp!

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Perfect Searing

Whether you use a blow torch, cast iron pan, or a grill, I will help you perfect your searing technique to create a stunning crust while not overcooking or drying out the meat.

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Everyday Food That Looks and Tastes Great

Explore simple recipes for everyday foods using everyday ingredients that will amaze your friends and family...even if you have a busy schedule!

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Time and Temperature Charts

I share the ideal times and temperatures for almost any cut of meat, as well as how to predict sous vide times for more complicated dishes and exotic types of meat.

Get ready to consistently create amazing food with sous vide

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How to Seal

Explore why removing the air is important for sous vide and the various ways to seal. I walk you through everything from using Ziploc bags to vacuum sealers and even canning jars.

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How to Properly Season

Get a handle on what steps you can take before sous vide to ensure optimal results. Including how salt, seasoning, herbs and spices are affected by sous vide and whether or not to use garlic and butter in the bag.

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Supportive Facebook Group

You will also gain access to our Exploring Sous Vide Facebook group. With more than 18,000 members it's a great resource to help you to discover sous vide with helpful cooks just like yourself!

Start cooking with confidence! With sous vide you no longer have to cross your fingers and hope your food turns out perfect!!