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Holiday Book Giveaway

In order to celebrate the launch of our sous vide forums and sous vide newsletter we're going to give away four signed copies of Beginning Sous Vide at the end of December.

In order to qualify you just need to sign up for our new sous vide newsletter or post on our forums this month. We'll take 2 random winners and 2 "biggest help" winners.

At the end of December the copies of Beginning Sous Vide will go to:
  - A random subscriber to our sous vide newsletter
  - A random person who has posted on the forums
  - The author of the "most helpful" post on the forums
  - The author of the "Best Topic" on the forums

Here is the link for our free sous vide newsletter. If you are already a member then you will automatically be entered in the giveaway.

And if you need some inspiration to get started posting on the forums here are some topics you can jump right into: Favorite Holiday Recipes, What Should a Sous Vide Newbie Know, Best Sous Vide Home Equipment.

So if you want a free signed copy of the book, get over to the forums and start helping people out!