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New Sous Vide Book Released for the Home Cook

Here at Cooking Sous we're pleased to announce the release of Cooking Sous Vide: A Guide for the Home Cook, an eBook focused on the techniques and equipment used in home sous vide cooking.

We had noticed that while there is a lot of good information on the internet about sous vide cooking, it is spread out among many locations and not easily accessible. One of our main contributors, Jason Logsdon, gathered all of this sous vide information and organized it into the book Cooking Sous Vide: A Guide for the Home Cook

One of the biggest draws of this book is its time and temperature charts, detailing cooking times and temperatures for over a hundred different foods. It also covers everything from the basics of sous vide cooking to the equipment used, various tips and tricks, and over a dozen recipes to get you started.

For for information you can view the official Cooking Sous Vide: A Guide for the Home Cook page. The first 100 people that order will be able to get the book for only $19.50, $5 off its regular price of $24.50.