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Sous Vide Android App

We're very excited to announce the launch of our Sous Vide Time and Temperature app for the Android. It's been available on the iPhone for a few months and after 1,200 downloads we've gotten a ton of great feedback and 4.5 star rating so we decided it was time to release it for the Android.

We've tried to make it available several places, if there's another marketplace we should release it please let us know. Here's one place to get the Sous Vide Android App.

The sous vide android app has over 400 sous vide time and temperature combinations across 175 cuts of meat and types of fish and vegetables. And it is conveniently broken up into 10 main categories.

For a nice even-handed review (of the initial iPhone app) you can read this one or this one.

As always, we look forward to any feedback or comments on how to improve the sous vide android app.

Thanks and happy sous viding!