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Sous Vide Holiday Cookbook Review

Hot on the heels of their announcement of the Sous Vide Supreme Demi, Sous Vide Supreme has also put out a book for holiday sous vide cooking, the Sous Vide Holiday Cookbook.

It's a nice little cookbook, about 58 pages, with around 20 recipes from appetizers to desserts. It's put together nicely and is full color with decent pictures. It also has a brief overview of the sous vide process and some cook-chill-serve tips that are nice. It also has a nice recommendation for planning out the timing of your Thanksgiving or holiday meal.

It's not a guide to sous vide by any means and not all of the recipes are for sous vide but if you're looking for some holiday cooking ideas it might be worth picking up the Sous Vide Holiday Cookbook as long as you're already familiar with the sous vide process.