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Sous Vide How-Tos

We'd like to introduce our newest feature to the site, our "How To" section. The How Tos are designed to be an easy way for people with sous vide questions to ask them and have them answered by the community.

The way they work is for someone to submit a question they have, maybe about what type of equipment to buy or how long to cook a certain dish. Members of the community can then submit answers for the question. Each answer can be voted up or down by the readers and the best answers will filter to the top.

We've done some beta testing and there are currently some questions and answers in there, but feel free to submit your own answer or ask your own question. Remember that the more details you include with your question the easier it will be for people to answer it. And questions of all levels are encouraged, there are no questions that are too "newbie".

You can view all the existing How-To questions or submit your own How-To question.