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Sous Vide Weekly Links

Here are the best cooking sous vide links I've come across over the last few weeks. If you come across any I should be aware of please let me know at

Sous Vide and Low Temp Primer Part I

The French Culinary Institute released the first part of their sous vide and low temperature guide. So far it's filled with tons of great information.

Sous Vide Equipment Poll

Fifty Four Degrees is running a poll of which sous vide equipment is being used out there. The current winner is Sous Vide Magic at 69%.

Best Sous Vide Equipment

Another discussion on sous vide equipment in our How-To section of the site.

Sous Vide Soda

One of the more unique uses of sous vide that I've seen.

Sous Vide Deeds

Another new blog about sous vide cooking.

Sous Vide DVDs Released

More Fifty Four Degrees with the scoop on a new set of DVDs that includes one on sous vide hosted by Bruno Goussault.