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Summer Sous Vide Book Contest

This month's contest is going to be for "Favorite Summer Sous Vide Recipes". We're looking for your favorite sous vide recipes that you love to make in summer. They can be original recipes or recipes you love from a book or website. We'll be picking 3 winners. One for "Best Recipe", one for "Most Unique Recipe", and one random winner. Each winner will get a signed copy of either Beginning Sous Vide or Sous Vide Grilling.

To enter just go to our Sous Vide Recipes Forum and click "Add a New Topic" to enter in your recipe or a link to it. You can add as many recipes as you like (each in a separate topic).

We'll also be reading the comments in each thread to help us determine what is "Best" and "Most Unique" so be sure to contribute to the threads on your favorite recipes!