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What Sous Vide Setups Do People Use?

We often get asked about what some good home setups are. To showcase the wide variety of options that are out there we've decided to put together this page of equipment that different people use. We've provided as much information as we can about them and hopefully they will give you a good idea on what you can do at home, from expensive circulators to inexpensive "do it yourself" projects and everything in between.

And if you want to share your own set up with us just let us know and we will add you to the page!

PolyScience and Sous Vide Supreme

Me sous vide setup To start things off, here's my setup. I use both a PolyScience and a Sous Vide Supreme machine. It's nice having two different options to choose from depending on what food I'm cooking. And it's great, of course, when I need to cook two things at once at different temperatures. Both of them are great to use and I know, I'm spoiled!

For sealing I just use ziplock freezer bags and the water displacement method. It's cheap and gives me a good enough seal.

Nesco Roaster Oven and FoodSaver Setup

Wg sealer.jpg Wg sous vide bag.jpg Wg sous vide roaster.jpg
Bill Gronke uses a 6 quart Nesco Roaster Oven, "note the marks on the Nesco for heat control", with a Thermapen thermometer to regulate the temperature. He uses a FoodSaver V3840 to seal his food. He also says "all of these I have had for a number of years so that my outlay for Sous Vide was nothing."

PolyScience Sous Vide Professional

P sous vide bath P sous vide covered
Peter uses a PolyScience for his circulator. He also has one of the most unique water baths I've ever seen. As he puts it:
That's my water bath, a 15 kg seafood air transport approved foam container that I have painted with a non toxic pond sealer and cut a hole for sous vide. It has plenty of room for all sorts of cooking, and is about 40 litres in capacity.

Cheers, Peter

Homemade Circulator with a BBQ Guru Controller

Mr sous vide bath close Mr sous vide bath controls Mr sous vide bath
Mike Riblett uses a DigiQ BBQ Guru to control the temperature of his homemade circulator. He used the Seattle Food Geek "do it yourself" sous vide circulator directions to build out the rest of his setup.

Westinghouse Roaster and RediChek Thermometer

Ml home sous vide Mike Loomer uses an old Westinghouse roaster with a RediChek smoker thermometer to monitor the temperature. As he says:
I had never even heard about sous vide until a few months ago, but now I have done several Tri-tips, pork butts and tried some pork ribs. ?I've been trying to incorporate cold smoking with my BBQ after they come out of the bath. So far so good. Here is a pic of my set up. ?I found the big roaster at my church kitchen and with the old school dial I can keep it consistent with my BBQ remote thermometer (as long as I keep the lid off.)

Thanks again
Mike Loomer

Homemade Sous Vide Machine in a Cooler

Pe homemade sous vide parts Pe sous vide pot Pe sous vide setup
Paul Eggermann, the vice president of Les Marmitons of New Jersey, has put together a great guide to making a sous vide machine yourself. In total it cost him $165.63 and holds temperature to within 0.1°C. If you are looking at building your own sous vide machine here are his directions.

PolyScience Professional in a Stock Pot

Dg sous vide bath Dg sous vide bath closed Dg sous vide bath lid towel
Dave Grieve uses a PolyScience in a 24 quart stock pot. The rack he found at The Container Store and to seal the top he just uses a dish towel. Here's what Dave had to say about the cut in his pot lid:
I forgot to mention just who I had cut out my lid to the 24 Qt. stock pot. Silly as it may seem, I am proud to say it was Boris Sarikov!

Masterbuilt Turkey Frier with SousVideMagic

Mf sous vide Mark Futrell uses a SousVideMagic temperature controller hooked up to a Masterbuilt turkey fryer.

PolyScience Circulator and Mini-Pac Vacuum Sealer

Jb sous vide vacuum sealer John Wayne "Duke" Biswanger uses a PolyScience , a Mini-Pac MS-20 vacuum sealer, and a Iwatani torch.

Thanks again to everyone who sent us in pictures of their sous vide setups. Its a great reminder that you don't have to spend much money to get started with sous vide.