This article is a part of my What's Your Passion? interview series, providing intimate interviews with people passionate about their craft. Is there someone you'd like me to interview, or are you passionate about a certain craft? Please let me know!

What's Your Passion?

All over the world there are people who are passionate about their craft.

This includes not only the chefs who prepare our meals and bartenders who make our drinks but also the men and women who grow the food and butcher the animals; those who turn raw materials into alcohol, dough, chocolate and other products; people who research the history and culture of food; teachers sharing the knowledge of healthy eating and sustainability; and parents and spouses lovingly cooking for their families.

Each of these groups has people who are passionate about what they do and why they do it. From well know chefs to stay-at-home parents, I'll be talking to many of these wonderful people to find out what makes them tick, why they love it, and really find out what's their passion.

What's Your Passion Interviews

Chris Young from ChefSteps

Headshot chris young 2x3 This interview with Chris Young from ChefSteps covers the joule sous vide circulator, his time with Modernist Cuisine and the story behind ChefSteps.