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Haute Dogs: Recipes for Hot Dogs, Buns & Condiments Review

Haute dogs

If you like hot dogs then this is the book for you! I was lucky enough to receive a review copy of Haute Dogs: Recipes for Hot Dogs, Buns & Condiments by Russell Van Kraayenburg and I really loved it. Hot dogs are often considered a cheap, low quality food but this book proves that doesn't have to be the case. From classic dogs to some really interesting ethnic options it contains a lot of different, interesting recipes. I really liked the recipes for buns and hot dogs from scratch; it's fun to see how something like that is actually made.

This book is full of fun facts, history and recipes for all aspects of hot dog cuisine. Each recipe is accompanied by great photographs - giving you a mouthwatering treat before you even start cooking! Russell's clever, witty style of writing makes Haute Dogs a fun gift for both kids and adults alike; in addition, they will enjoy trying these tasty recipes.

Author and avid "from scratch" cook, Russell Van Kraayenburg was born and raised in Texas. His blog Chasing Delicious was a Saveur finalist for 2012's best baking and desserts blog, and his work has been featured on such sites as Lifehacker, Co. Design, Business Insider, The Kitchn, Live Originally, The Daily What, Explore, and Fine Cooking, among many other personal, cooking, design, and art blogs. But most importantly, Russell is a longtime hot dog enthusiast; his book just might be the most comprehensive cookbook ever written on this cookout staple.

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