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iSi The Trick with the Whip Cookbook Review

Trick whip

iSi is the industry leader in cream whippers. The Trick with the Whip - Creations Cookbook by iSi offers you a variety of recipes to maximize the potential of your iSi dessert whipper.

If you're a foodie who is curious as to how chefs do some crazy and simple things with food, if you want to push the edge and stun everybody, or if you want to just try something different, then The Trick with the Whip may be of interest to you. This book is meant to inspire creativity, learn something new, expand your mind, and teach you to play with your food!

The Trick with the Whip shows how to use a whipping siphon to create cold and hot whipped creations. This book is very clear that any home cook can master using a whipper to make interesting and eye-popping creations. The introduction includes a convenient metric to American measurement conversion chart.

Before purchasing beware of several things. The content of the 3-ringed binder style cookbook wasn't bad, but seemed minimal for a full blown book on the subject. Secondly, the quality of the binder and paper used for the book are substandard. And finally, for American readers the Trick with the Whip is often seen as poorly organized since the layout of this book comes directly from the German version, so it's very European. If you are on a conservative budget, you may want to skip this one; after all, there are many tips and recipes on the internet and YouTube!

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