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Sous Vide Turkey Recipe Thanksgiving Roundup

Now that it's close to Thanksgiving it's time to talk sous vide turkey. What better way to show off your sous vide machine than making a moist, perfectly cooked turkey for you friends and family. Here's a few articles and recipes to get you started on your way.

Grant Achatz Sous Vide Turkey at Home

A nice look at doing turkey at home, as well as examining how hard it is to cook turkey whole, whether in sous vide or roasting it. A great defense for why sous vide turkey can turn out so well. It includes some videos so you can really see how the process works.

Sous Vide Turkey for Thanksgiving

A nice look at sous vide turkey especially for Thanksgiving time. Also addresses the sous vide vegetables you could make as well. Give you a nice time line for approaching Thanksgiving dinner.
From Sous Vide Supreme

Sous Vide Turducken

If you really want to go all out you can replace your Thanksgiving turkey with a turducken. This steps you through the setup and cooking of the sous vide turducken.

Sous Vide Turkey Leg

Not really for Thanksgiving, this sous vide turkey recipe will help you get a perfect turkey leg for "caveman-style gnawing".

Sous Vide with Kikkoman

A nice look at doing a sous vide turkey in pieces. They used a Kikkoman soy sauce brine to help flavor it.
From inuyaki