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Pure-Cote B790

Pure-Cote B790 is often used to create clear, flexible films and glasses from liquids. It's a less used modernist ingredient but still very useful in certain applications.

Where to Buy Pure-Cote B790

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How Much Pure-Cote B790 to Use

When making a film, you will typically use 10-15% of Pure-Cote B790.

Dispersion and Hydration of Pure-Cote B790

Pure-Cote B790 can be dispersed at hot or cold temperatures and sets quickly at room temperature.

How to Create a Pure-Cote B790 Flavored Glass

Take 200 grams of a flavored liquid, place in a blender, and blend in 24 grams Pure-Cote B790. Take a large spoonful of the liquid and pour it onto an acetate sheet, evenly coating it.

Leave the sheet out to dry at room temperature for several hours, or preferably overnight. Once it has dried you can take pieces of the "glass" and use them as garnishes on dishes.

For an even crisper texture you can dehydrate the dried pieces of glass for several hours.

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