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Sous Vide Thickness Ruler

When cooking with sous vide, many people like to cook by thickness. When doing this, there's a lot of information to keep track of. To help out, I've made my own version of a printable sous vide thickness ruler.

I provide 3 different rulers with times for sous vide beef, chicken, and fish. The sous vide beef ruler has times for heating frozen and thawed beef and pasteurizing it at both 55°C and 60.5°C. The sous vide chicken has times for pasteurizing chicken at 57.5°C, 60.5°C, 63.5°C, and 66°C. The sous vide fish ruler has times for heating fatty fish, and pasteurizing both lean and fatty fish at 55°C and 60.5°C.

To get the ruler you just have to sign up for my free Exploring Sous Vide email course or my free newsletter to get access to my printable ruler. My best selling book Modernist Cooking Made Easy Sous Vide also has these charts in them, as well as tenderness-based sous vide times for more than a hundred cuts.

For more information about sous vide thickness times including where they came from and what they mean you can check out my article on sous vide cooking times by thickness.