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Self Publishing 101:
How to Publish a Printed Cookbook on Amazon Using KDP

Turn Your Cookbook Dream into a Reality

Increase your income, grow your brand, and expand your network by self publishing a printed cookbook today!

The average home cook owns almost 50 times more printed cookbooks than PDF cookbooks. So why are you limiting yourself?

Writing and publishing a cookbook can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can undertake. From an increase in authority and expanding your brand to yes, bringing in passive income, there are many benefits to becoming a cookbook author.

And with the advent of print on demand companies like Amazon KDP and IngramSpark, it is now easier than ever to become your own publisher.

But if you don't know what you are doing you can waste not only your time, but also your money.

Right now, self publishing is easy. You don't need money. You don't need a place to store thousands of books. You don't need to find a special printer.

And you definitely don't need to get permission from anyone else. You just need an idea for a book and the work ethic to actually write it.

Taught by Jason Logsdon, the best selling cookbook author with more than 15 books to his name, this comprehensive course is designed to clear up any confusion about how you can take your cookbook and successfully publish it - In Print! - on Amazon using a print on demand printer like Amazon KDP.

Learn about not only the tools you will need to ensure you create your book efficiently, but also ensure that your book is professional by including all the front and end matter a book should have, using proper meta information with the printer, and controlling the mistakes in the text.

Adding book publishing to your blogging toolbox can help you bring in money directly from book sales as well as indirectly by helping you to market your blog, grow your network, increase your authority, and spread your ideas.

So take that next step and start publishing your cookbook today!

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35+ Informative Videos

Each video is on a specific topic, so you can jump to the ones that you need to learn now, or watch all the way through for the whole picture.

3½ Hours of Content

Jason talks you through the entire self publishing process, from successfully using Amazon KDP to determining your goals and designing your book.

Direct Access to Jason

Every situation is unique, so you'll be able email Jason about your specific situation, to make sure everything goes right.

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Jason is a fantastic resource for self publishing. When I started the project for my own self published book, Champions of Sous Vide, I had no idea where to start. Jason walked me through the process and made it so easy - it's clear that his knowledge and years of experience have made him an expert in this field. He asked great questions about my goals for the book and let those answers inform the rest of the process.

The book was a great success and I owe much of that to Jason for helping me to put out a product that people would want and that I can be proud of. As I start work on my second project, I feel much more comfortable because of what he taught me.
Thanks Jason!

- Mike La Charite, CEO of the International Sous Vide Association

Course Content

With a little bit of knowledge and a plan of attack you can easily navigate the self publishing process.

Module 1: Before You Get Started

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Before you even start writing your book there are several things that you need to know to ensure your book will be a success. We dive into determining your goals, different types of cookbooks, picking a subject, keys to a well written book and selling and wholesaling your book.

Bonuses Include: Recipe Testing Worksheets

Premium Bonuses: "Set Your Book Up For Success" book

Module 2: How Print on Demand Works

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There are a lot of moving parts in the publishing process but Jason lays it all out in a simple and easy-to-follow manner so you know what to expect along the way.

Bonuses Include: Screen capture video showing the Amazon KDP creation process

Module 3: Parts of a Cookbook

Cookbook blank.png

A cookbook is more than just recipes... and while copyright pages and indexes might not be exciting to write they are still really important for both your readers and to protect yourself legally.

Bonuses Include: Sample templates for each part of the cookbook

Module 4: Meta Information

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When you publish your cookbook you need to make sure you are providing the correct information so it will get in front of the right people. Jason will help you make the most of your meta information like the title, publishing categories, keywords, and your Amazon sales description.

Module 5: Design the Book

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Writing the book and designing the book are two distinct processes and designing for print can be an intimidating process. Jason steps you through the considerations and main design aspects so you can ensure your book looks professional.

Bonuses Include: Recipe Layouts download

Premium Bonuses: "Jump Start" cookbook templates for InDesign, Pages, and Word

Module 6: Sales and Promotion

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Writing the best cookbook in the world doesn't matter if no one buys it. There are several things you can do to set your book up for success including getting Amazon Reviews, marketing to your Fans, and even wholesaling your book.

Bonuses Include: Wholesale Line Sheet, Amazon Review Request Swipe Copy

Course Packages

There are several different packages available, depending on how many resources you would like access to and how much help you want along the way.

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Course package jump start.png
Course package video.png

Here is more information about the bonuses and benefits included with each package.

Money Back Guarantee

All packages come with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't believe the course has helped you move closer to publishing your cookbook then just let me know and I'll be happy to refund your money.

Video Package

Self publishing 101 video grab

This is our standard video package designed to give you the resources and information to publish your print cookbook using Amazon KDP. You get access to the entire course, 6 modules and 40 videos that will step you through the entire process.

You also receive several bonuses including the Wholesale Line Sheet Template, Recipe Testing Worksheets and Amazon Review Request Swipe Copy

It's a $300 value for only $29 and is perfect if you want the information and resources to set you up to succeed at publishing your own print cookbook.

Buy the Video Package

Jump Start Package

The Jump Start Package is our most popular package and is designed to help people that are serious about getting their cookbook out right away. In addition to the regular video course it also provides access to bonus material that will remove much of the initial grunt work and allow you to focus on the writing and publishing process.

If you want to get your cookbook out quickly, this package is the one you want.

Buy the Jump Start Package

Special Jump Start Bonuses

In additional to everything in the Video Package, including access to the 6 modules and 40 videos that will step you through the entire process, you also receive several special bonuses.

Free Editable Cookbook Templates in Pages, Word, and InDesign ($350 value)


Want to jump start the design process? We have templates set up in Pages, Word and InDesign that you can use for the basis of your cookbook.

With all the front and back matter included, easily tweakable fonts and colors, and several recipe layouts ready to go you can quickly get your cookbook laid out and designed.

"Parts of a Cookbook" Templates ($100 value)

There's more to a book than just the recipes. Jason provides samples of the various components of front matter and end matter, including the title page, copyright page, table of contents, preface, foreword, index, acknowledgements, and more!

These sample text and templates will help you quickly create your copyright page, dedication page, table of contents and other parts of a cookbook that usually don't need much custom content.

Free Copy of "Set Your Book Up For Success" ($100 value)

This course is all about publishing your cookbook, but sometimes you need help with the researching, writing, and recipe testing process. To help facilitate this we offer our "Set Your Book Up For Success" training book as a free download to all members.

Buy the Jump Start Package

Premium Bonuses

In addition to the Jump Start Bonuses you still have access to everything included in the Video Package.

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Wholesale Line Sheet Template

Wholesaling your cookbook is a great way to expand your brand and bring in large orders of books, but you want to look professional when you reach out to companies. Jason provides a template you can use to secure wholesale deals of your own.

Cookbook flip.png

Recipe Testing Worksheets

There is nothing worse in a cookbook than recipes that don't work. Jason provides Recipe Testing Worksheets both for self testing and for using recipe testers.

Amazon Review Request Swipe Copy

Reviews on Amazon are critical to ensuring a successful launch and Jason provides the copy he uses in emails to bring in reviews from friends, family and Fans, as well as top Amazon reviewers.

Our Most Popular Package

There is a reason the Jump Start Package is our most popular package, it provides everything you need to not only understand the publishing process, but also the materials you need to quickly assemble your cookbook. It has more than $750 of value packed into a $49 package!

Buy the Jump Start Package

Consulting Package


This package is designed for those people that have specific needs when it comes to their book or want a little more 1-on-1 interactions to help smooth the process. It includes all the incredible content and bonuses from the Jump Start package with two additional bonuses.

Strategic Review ($300 value)

There is a lot that goes into a cookbook outside of just writing recipes. The strategic review is designed to help with overall strategic issues related to your book.

The review occurs either at the beginning of the process to help set your plan of attack, or prior to the design/printing process to ensure your cookbook is successfully accomplishing what you set out to achieve.

Extra 1-on-1 Consulting Call with Jason ($150 value)

In addition to the calls that are a part of the Strategic Review you will receive another 1-on-1 call with Jason to go over any aspects of the publishing process you still need help with.

Buy the Consulting Package

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About the Teacher
Jason Logsdon is a best selling author, public speaker and passionate home cook who loves to try new things, exploring everything from sous vide and whipping siphons to blowtorches, foams, spheres and infusions. He has published 15 cookbooks which have sold more than 60,000 copies. He runs, one of the largest sous vide and modernist cooking websites,, a website dedicated to helping bloggers succeed, and is the President of The International Sous Vide Association. He has been blogging for over a decade and making his living full time as a blogger for the last 6 years.

Start the self publishing process with confidence! With this course you no longer have to cross your fingers and hope your book turns out perfect, you'll have all the knowledge you need to be a success.

Table of Contents

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  • Welcome
  • Welcome to the Course
  • Before You Get Started
  • Overview of the Publishing Process
  • Determine Your Goals
  • Determine Your Type of Cookbook
  • Determine Your Subject
  • Don't Be Scared to Start Small
  • Types of Cookbook Publishing Formats
  • Keys to a Well-Written Book
  • Selling and Promoting a Cookbook
  • Summary
  • Parts of a Cookbook
  • Overview
  • Cover
  • Front Matter
  • Body
  • Back Matter
  • In-Book Marketing
  • Summary
Books exploring sous vide amazon
  • How Print on Demand Works
  • Overview of Print on Demand
  • Comparison of Print on Demand Cookbook Printers
  • How to Publish on Amazon With Amazon KDP
  • How to Publish on Amazon With IngramSpark
  • Meta Information
  • Overview
  • Price
  • Book Description
  • Amazon Categories
  • Publishing Keywords
  • Choosing a Great Title
  • Design the Book
  • Overview
  • Design Tools
  • Design and Formatting Guidelines
  • Fonts
  • Recipe Layouts
  • Summary
Wholesaling books.png
  • Sales and Promotion
  • Overview
  • How to Launch Successfully
  • Getting Amazon Reviews
  • Ongoing Book Marketing
  • Types of Cookbook Wholesaling
  • Where to Wholesale Your Cookbook

Start the self publishing process with confidence! With this course you no longer have to cross your fingers and hope your book turns out perfect, you'll have all the knowledge you need to be a success.