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Don't Fear Live Video with Kathy Hester

Today, we dive deep into going live on video, overcoming your fears, and why sometimes when things go wrong, it's just an opportunity to connect with your fans even more!

One of the biggest challenges bloggers and creators have is connecting with our audiences, of letting our personality come through and making our fans feel involved. One of the best ways to do this is through video, especially live video.

But between technology concerns and fear of messing up, many bloggers shy away from it. But today's guest is the perfect person to give us that boost of confidence we need, to get out there and connect!

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Cooking Competitions and Guest Blogging with Saffron Hodgson

Today, we dive into the world of competitive cooking, how to host your own competitions, and how to harness the power of guest bloggers.

As bloggers, we often get caught up in making money directly from our blogs, using ads, affiliate links and sponsored posts, but we forget there's a whole world of food out there to explore and make money from. Today's guest will show us a few of the unique ways she's created a living.

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Is It Ever OK to Work for Free

You should never work for free. That's something a lot of bloggers tell you, but Kami Kilgore is here to give you a different point of view.

In my recent podcast interview with Kami Kilgore, one of the things we talked about was whether or not you should ever do work for free, especially with brands.

It's something that's very controversial in food blogging. Some people feel very strongly about it, and Kami has a slightly different point of view than a lot of bloggers, so I thought it'd be worth sharing in this special video.

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Giveaways and Instagram with Wendy Abdulmesih

Today we're going to dive into using giveaways to promote your brand, getting started with Instagram, and why you just need to ignore the numbers.

Part of being a successful blogger is crafting your own style and being visible across several platforms. Today's guest is going to help us discover how.

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Maximizing Your Blog This Holiday Season

The holidays are a great time for bloggers to boost their income, but many of them are doing it wrong and burning themselves out in the process. Today, we dive into the right way to go about maximizing your holidays or any time of the year.

This stemmed from being invited to do an AMA for Megan Porta's Eat, Blog, Talk food blogger community and I put this article and video together to complement it. I was really looking forward to it and she wanted me to talk about holiday planning. So I put together this video to show you some of my thoughts about how you can maximize your blog during the holidays, or pretty much any time of the year.

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Growing Your Business with Tracie Fobes

Today we are going to talk about growing your community in a Facebook group, getting into sponsored posts, and how you know when to finally cash out...take it away Tracie!

Trying to learn everything you need to know about blogging can really be daunting. But luckily, there are people out there like today's guest who are willing to share their expertise.

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Restarting Your Blogging Career with Luci Petlack

In this episode we talk to Luci Petlack about hiring contractors, how to introduce new themes into your blog, and how to restart your blogging career after a life change.

Sometimes things are just clicking as a blogger. You have your routine down, your business connections are growing, things are going great...and then something happens to disrupt it all. This could be good or bad, from taking care of a sick parent, transferring to a new job or city, having a baby, or you know, a global pandemic.

Recovering from these types of changes can be really hard, and it can be a lot more emotionally draining than we think. Today's guest will share her experiences, the challenges she went through, and how she is overcoming them, so we can all be better armed moving forward.

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Social Media Sharing Links Generator Tool

I often create content and want to easily make URLs where people can share it. I pass those emails along in my newsletters, link them up in articles, or send them to my podcast guests. But trying to remember what all the URLs are, and creating each one individually is always a hassle.

To help solve that, I created this simple tool that creates all the share URLs you need based off of the link and text you put in. It works with Facebook share links, Twitter share links, WhatsApp, and Pinterest share Links. As well as Add to Buffer and LinkedIn share links. It also provides the encoded URL, text, and title so you can use them directly if needed.

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Designing Your Brand with Madison Wetherill

Today, we are going to talk with Madison Wetherill about how to find out what your audience is looking for, why great design matters, and why a brand is more than just a logo. As bloggers we often work so hard on our recipes, the stories we tell, and using social media to bring in readers, but we often neglect the thing that people see first...our website. A good website design does more than look pretty, it informs the visitor and can be a big factor in turning them into a real Fan. But where do you get started?
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How to Change Case with TextExpander Snippets

If you aren't familiar with TextExpander, it's a great tool to save keystrokes by saving your most typed words and phrases. I use it for a lot of things, especially email signitures, canned responses to emails, and websites I use all the time.

For example, if I type "//ey" (short for "engine yard", where I host), it automatically replaces it with "", which is the full url.

However, many people don't know that you can do more than just have static text in it. One of the things I find myself doing constantly is taking a phrase for articles, such as "Sous Vide Chicken Breast" and wanting to sprinkle it throughout a document.

The issue is that the capitalization depends on if I'm using it at the start of a sentence ("Sous vide chicken breast"), middle of sentence ("sous vide chicken breast"), or a header ("Sous Vide Chicken Breast"). So I'm constantly pasting in "Sous Vide Chicken Breast" and changing the letters one at a time.

Using the dynamic functionality of TextExpander, I can paste the correct version I'm looking for and it'll paste it automatically.

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