Do You Have Questions About the Best Way to Move Your Blog Forward?

Diversify your income while serving your Fans to get the most out of your blog.

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As bloggers, we often get so caught up in the day-to-day work that we lose sight of the long-term goals - or worse, we don't take the time to set them in the first place!

The only way to move forward is to work on the things that matter most...but identifying them, and sticking to them, is very hard to do alone.

That's where I come in. With a dozen years of blogging experience and 2 decades of experience working in small businesses, I've seen a lot and I can apply my knowledge to help you move your blog forward.

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I first met Jason in 2014 and after first considering him a respected colleague, I now also consider him a trusted friend. He's an incredibly valuable contributor to the food world. His knowledge of self publishing, creating revenue streams, and sous vide cooking along with his ability to teach others are unmatched. Combined they create a powerhouse of knowledge that helps everyone he connects with progress rapidly in reaching their individual goals.

Lori Rice, photographer and writer
Founder of FakeFoodFree Productions and CreatingYOU

My Specialties

Different coaches focus on different aspects of your business. If you want help with Pinterest algorithms, implementing SEO, or how to set up WordPress then I'm NOT the coach for you.


Jason logsdon speaking sous vide

If you are looking for help exploring ways to monetize your blog and diversify your income... then I'm your guy and we can take the lessons I learned from making a full time income from blog through books, courses, products, apps, and teaching and apply them to your situation.

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If you are looking for someone to help you clarify what is truly important for your blog, and hold you accountable to continually focus on it...then I'm your guy and we can apply my experiences working in small business and focusing on larger strategies and apply them to your situation.

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If you want to talk about how the self publishing process works, how books are created, and how to set up and create one...then I'm your guy and we can take the lessons I learned from publishing 15 books, including 13 self published cookbooks and apply them to your situation.

If you are looking for help identifying areas that you can start creating products and services for your fans, and how to actually create them...then I'm your guy and we can apply what I learned from developing products and services for my Fans over the last decade and apply them to your situation.

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Jason is a great listener and always has great advice and reflective questions when it comes to business strategies and moving forward with my own entrepreneurial venture. His willingness to help and generosity are superb. I highly recommend Jason as a trusted business advisor.

Lennis, Wellness Consultant
Just Lennis, LLC

One-Off Coaching

I offer several types of coaching, but most break down into recurring or one-off.

One-Off Coaching consists of either talking through a specific problem you have and creating a plan of attack, or making myself available to answer any questions you have about a particular subject I have experience in.

They usually revolve around self publishing, creating products and services, or overall business strategy.

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A few examples are:

  • Walking a chef through the process of turning their recipes into a cookbook
  • Helping a podcaster through the options for creating a business around their show
  • Joining a mastermind group as an expert to answer questions about self publishing
  • Zooming with a few bloggers to discuss options for expanding their revenue streams
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Client Testimonial

Jason is a fantastic resource for self publishing. When I started the project for my own self published book, Champions of Sous Vide, I had no idea where to start. Jason walked me through the process and made it so easy - it's clear that his knowledge and years of experience have made him an expert in this field. He asked great questions about my goals for the book and let those answers inform the rest of the process. Thanks Jason!

- Mike La Charite, CEO of the International Sous Vide Association

Recurring Coaching

Recurring Coaching generally consists of a weekly or bi-weekly zoom meeting where we dig deeper into the strategies and priorities of your blog and your business. They are designed to help hold you accountable, eliminate current and future bottlenecks, and help set the overall goals and direction for your business.

They are designed to not solve a specific problem, but to provide support and long term coaching to continually move your business forward.

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Recurring Client Testimonial

I have a few very different facets of my business that are all growing, so I needed help managing all of the moving parts. Jason has helped me to prioritize my task list, which has reduced my feelings of being constantly overwhelmed.

Every time we have a coaching session, I walk away feeling inspired to work on the right things (the things that are moving me toward my goals) and I always come away with valuable ideas. Jason is a wealth of information on just about any topic relating to being an entrepreneur and I'm grateful to be able to tap into his knowledge and expertise on a consistent basis.

Megan Porta
Pip and Ebby
Eat, Blog, Talk

But who am I to coach you?

Great question!

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I've been blogging for more than a decade, and making a full-time living at it for the last 6 years.

I've spoken about blogging and self publishing at Everything Food Conference, Eat Write Retreat, and the International Food Blogger Conference. I've been brought in as an expert for several mastermind groups, blogging communities and podcasts including Food Blogger Pro, Eat Blog Talk, and Jenny Melrose's Mastering Your Influence community.

I'm a best selling author. I've published more than 15 books through both traditional publishing and self publishing. And those books have sold more than 60,000 copies in both print and electronic formats, including one of my self published books was a top 10 overall cookbook on Amazon.

I teach cooking classes, including in-person and virtual hands-on classes and I have several video cooking courses for sale. I have a mailing list of 20,000+ people with an open rate of 30%. I have about 175,000 monthly pageviews and run a Facebook group with 40,000+ members.

I've created products, created services, and created iPhone apps.

So I know blogging. I know publishing. I know small business.

I also know how to explain it in a way that makes sense.

And I've talked to hundreds of bloggers about how to make it happen for them, and I want to share that knowledge with you.