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Acetate Sheets

Acetate sheet

Acetate sheets are commonly used to create films and thin gels, as well to line pans. They are very useful if you are planning on making films, otherwise they are not needed.

For example, you can create a flavored glass by taking a flavored liquid and blend it with the appropriate modernist ingredient. Then take a large spoonful of the liquid and pour it onto an acetate sheet, evenly coating it. Leave the sheet out to dry at room temperature for several hours, or preferably overnight. Once it has dried you can take

pieces of the "glass" and use them as garnishes on dishes.

Where To Buy a

You can purchase the sheets one at a time at The Baker's Kitchen. If you need larger quantities you can get Kopykake Acetate Sheets - 10 pcs or Clear Acetate Sheets 16"X24" 100 sheets per pack.