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Aquarium Pump

Aquarium pumps are a great way to introduce bubbles into many liquids. Simply add a foaming agent such as soy lecithin powder, sucrose esters, etc. to your liquid of choice. Next, insert the air tube from the aquarium pump into the liquid and it will immediately begin to create a bowl full of air foam.

Where to Buy an Aquarium Pump

There are several different aquarium pumps but we like the Tetra 77851 Whisper Air Pump, 10-Gallon. It is inexpensive and works very well.

Aquarium Pump Recipes and Articles

Aquarium Pump Grape Bubbles Recipe

There are many different types of foams you can make using different modernist ingredients and foaming methods. This foam resembles bubbles and is made with xanthan gum and Versawhip that has been aerated with an aquarium pump. It's a pretty unique way to make bubbles and they are very interesting.
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