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Kilogram / Pound Scale

Oxo food scale

There are two types of scales needed for most modernist cooking. The Kilogram/Pound Scale is used to weight the heavier ingredients in a modernist recipe. These are also called a "kitchen scale" or "food scale." They usually have a maximum weight handling capability in the range of 2.2 kg to 4.5 kg (5-10 pounds). They typically have 1 gram and/or 1/8 ounce increments.

It is also important the scale has a "zero" or "tare" function. This allows the scale to be reset to zero when making measurements. Then you can continue to add ingredients to the same bowl.

Where To Buy a Kilogram / Pound Scale

OXO Food Scale Open Most kitchen supply stores carry a variety of kitchen scales. Prior to my interest in modernist cooking I purchased an OXO Good Grips Stainless Food Scale with Pull-Out Display

which has served me well.

In general I'm a fan of OXO products and this is no exception. It has a 5 kilogram (11 pound) capacity which has always been enough for my use. You can select between imperial (ounces) and metric (grams) units. It has a "zero" function to allow zeroing of the scale. It has a stainless steel platform that can be removed for easy cleaning.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the scale is the Pull-Out Display that makes it possible to separate the display from the scale when weighting large objects. When I purchased this scale I doubted that I would take advantage of the feature. But I have learned it actually comes in handy quite often, especially when weighting boxes to be mailed.
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