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Sous Vide Searing

Sous Vide Searing Recipes and Articles

Should You Sear Before Sous Vide? - Ask Jason

Sous vide searing steak front I take a deep look at the question of whether or not to sear your food before you sous vide it. The answer isn't simple, but you can make your own conclusion.

Sous Vide: Torches

Bernzomatic ts8000 web There are several torches to sear sous vide foods and here are some of the best ones for the home and professional cook to use.

How to Sear Sous Vided Foods

Sous vide pulled pork charred One of the areas sous vide falls short is creating that nice flavorful, brown crust on foods. Luckily there are several ways to finish of foods after they have been sous vided to create the crust without further cooking the food. The whole goal of post sous vide browning is to create the crust while heating the interior of the food as little as possible. The main keys to accomplishing this goal are dry foods, high temperatures, and short times.

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