Eye Round Roast Sous Vide

Asked by Jonny on Monday, March 29
I was wondering what people might advise as the correct cooking time for an eye round roast Sous Vide. The meat is quite lean with a small amount of covering fat so I was considering using 134 F for 24 hours. Any thoughts?

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Thank you Jason for your reply.
Answered by Jonny on Monday, March 29
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I think 134F for 24 hours sounds pretty good. I normally do 131F for 24-48 hours when I do roasts. Let us know how it turns out!
Answered by Jason Logsdon on Monday, March 29
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It is quite a dry cut due to the lower fat percentage. Can I suggest a dessert spoon of butter in the bag? I usually do around 131 for 48 hrs and with a bit of added fat it isn't dry at all.
Answered by DaveyT on Sunday, June 05
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I cooked my roast for 36 hours it was medium but i frlt it was dry
Answered by susan Malcolm on Thursday, June 02
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