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Asked by KWReid on Thursday, May 13
Is it possible to "grill mark" chops or steaks before cooking them sous vide? Will the marks maintain their color after cooking in the sous vide pouches? <br />Thanks

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I think they would maintain most of their color with just a little bit of fading for the most part but I'm not positive. I wouldn't think they'd keep their texture through the sous vide process though, so that might be a detriment. <br /> <br />Some people also think that pre-searing or grilling helps to impart those flavors through to the rest of the meat, if that is something you are going for.
Answered by Jason Logsdon on Thursday, May 13
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You can use an electric charcoal starter to create gill marks AFTER cooking. The benefit of the maillard flavor is lost if you do it first then hit it with the torch. GREAT.
Answered by Brian Olsen on Wednesday, November 03
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Observation: fading of grill marks occurs during a sous vide water bath. Observation: the loss of flavor and aroma from grilling is more profound than the visual appearance. The nose knows: post searing is best; pre-searing has a scientific basis in its contribution to pasteurization but has only a fine effect on flavor and aroma: the pre-sear is washed away by the bag juices and diluted into oblivion.
Answered by Leigh Jones on Tuesday, June 18
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