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Asked by on Saturday, January 01
Can you cook hamburgers sous vide?

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Yes, you definitely can. You can cook hamburgers sous vide at 131&deg;F for few hours for medium-rare or 140&deg;F for medium For some more information you can read <a href="">this article from Serious Eats</a>
Answered by Jason Logsdon on Saturday, January 01
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No one mentioned the things I found important for hamburger success, so I will add some comments. The biggest problem with sous vide hamburgers is that they fall apart easily after being cooked in the water bath. Searing on a barbecue can be problematic because the patties break up. <br /> <br />To counteract this, avoid overly thin patties. In fact, go with very thick burgers, This suggests longer times in the water bath for the heat to penetrate, even if this has the disadvantage of promoting patty break-up. Most burger meat in stores is ground round, so it tenderizes well only over long cooking times. If you take it to 140 degrees it gets powdery, so keep the water bath at 131F. Use leaner ground beef to avoid break-up, and press the patties tightly while still at refrigerator temperatures. Then, never press the juices out of them after cooking begins. <br /> <br />Don't forget to do the things that make other burgers good when you cook them sous vide. Add flavor to them by mixing in good stuff before patties are formed: cheese, catsup or barbecue sauce, onions and garlic, spices and herbs; don't forget these just because you cook sous vide. Read up on umami. Use great toppings, great side dishes, etc. And remember that the patties are pre-cooked, so the time spent in the grill or in the pan to finish them should be short.
Answered by Leigh Jones on Monday, June 17
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You certainly can, and I do regularly. It is worth pointing out that 70c is actually a lot higher than required to be safe. Much lower temperatures above around 55 deg c will actually pasteurize the meat. It won't be sterile, but bacteria is reduced to safe levels. For times required, refer to this site or douglas baldwin.
Answered by DaveyT on Friday, March 25
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The answer to that question for me is yes of course....Most things can be cooked sous vide method the result is dependant on the time, the product you are cooking and the method you are using to cook under vaccuum. <br /> <br />if you are cooking an item such as a burger, things to consider.. <br /> <br />is my burger made from prime clean beef and there fore can this be cooked under well done with an internal temprature of less than 70c and be safe <br /> <br />or is my burger a mixture of beef and therefore needs to be cooked to 74c and above to kill all pathogens. <br /> <br />Cooking sous vide style in a water bath creates an environment that bacteria love due to the nice cozy ward temperatures they love to multiply in and as the proteins do not metabolise. <br /> <br />If nothing else just make sure you cook your food to the correct internal temperature so you dont make yourself sick <br /> <br />aaron
Answered by Aaron on Monday, February 07
You can also find a lot of sous vide information, as well as over 100 recipes, in our book Beginning Sous Vide which you can get at or as a pdf download.

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