Has any one used Standing Rib bones in sous vide and if so, what temp and time element were used.

Asked by Sara Peterson on Thursday, July 01
Has anyone used Standing Rib Roast bones in a sous vide application. If you have, what time and temperature elements did you select and would you do it again? <br />

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For a sous vide beef rib roast I would try 135F for 48 hours. For a pork rib roast I would try 155F for 24-36 hours.
Answered by Jason Logsdon on Friday, July 02
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I have now done these 3 different times and all at the same temperature of 135F. The first time was for 48 hours and they were marvelous. Succulent and rare with the same flavor and texture of the whole standing rib roast with all of the flavor that is naturally located in the ribs. <br /> <br />The next 2 times were for 12 hours and for 6 hours respectively. The results were identical to the 48 hour time frame. <br /> <br />Just reporting on the results. As I purchased enough to do 6 more meals, I will try in smaller time increments down to my smallest increment. <br /> <br />For the ribs, I move them out to the Weber Q200 set at its highest setting to add some color. I put them meaty side down on my pizza stone for 3 minutes and then put them on a rack (use cookie sheet with wire rack on top) to rest for 10 minutes in the oven at 170F before serving. I have used a Yorkshire Pudding and Macaroni Salad for sides for different presentations. <br /> <br /> <br />I use that smallest increment which is 1 hour for rare 1.5 inch hamburger patties. These have been incredible. Perfect color from end to end for the patties and a succulent texture to match the color. I get some color on them in my Weber Q200 on my pizza stone for about 1 minute a side and then I finish them in the oven at a tempurature of 225F for 10 minutes to let the cheese melt. <br /> <br />Hope this helps other people : )
Answered by Sara Peterson on Saturday, July 10
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"1 hour for rare 1.5 inch hamburger patties" <br /> <br />If that means 1 hour at 130F that isn't safe. You need 2 hours at the lowest temperature else if you get hamburger with e. coli (which happens alot) it's dangerous.
Answered by Andrew Burgess on Friday, February 25
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