keeping color in red long beans or dragons tongue beans through sous vide vs blanching

Asked by thomas martin on Sunday, October 17
Has anyone tried to keep color in these beans through cryovac & sous vide instead of them losing their color? <br />Will this work

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I haven't tried this but I'm really curious. I'm not sure what temperature they lose their color at. It could be a fun experiment, put some beans in the bag, start at 100F and bunch the temperature 10F every 5 minutes or so and see at what temperature the color fades. <br /> <br />I'd love to hear what your results are!
Answered by Jason Logsdon on Monday, October 18
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I wish I could answer and I'm curious too. There is not enough out there about cooking veggies other than 182F for two hours for root vegetables. Please experiment and report back. Good luck!
Answered by Ken W on Sunday, December 05
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