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Asked by on Wednesday, August 03
I have just "cooked" eye fillet for 4 hours at 48c, with the intention of arriving at medium rare and tender. <br /> <br />After some reading, I am concerned that I have created a high risk for contamination by not taking it to at least 50c. <br />In other words is it safe to eat? <br />Does anyone have the experience to comment here. <br /> <br />Thank you <br /> <br />Arthur

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I'd be concerned, bacteria doesn't start dying until 50C, 48 is right on the edge. Here are some excellent sources: <br /> <br /><a href=""></a> <br /><a href=""></a> <br /> <br />48C is right on the edge, I don't know if I'd risk getting sick, or even worse, making my family or guests sick. <br /> <br />
Answered by Roberto Leibman on Wednesday, August 03
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You really shouldn't hold meat at that low of a temperature (under 54.5C) for more than a few hours. I personally wouldn't eat it, it's in about the same state as if you left it outside in the sun for the afternoon. <br /> <br />If you cook at low temperatures you want to make sure the whole process from heating to eating takes under 4 hours, and is preferably as short as possible.
Answered by Jason Logsdon on Wednesday, August 03
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I definitely wouldn't eat it - bacteria will have been multiplying rather than reducing at that temperature. <br /> <br />On a side note, I'd be surprised if any significant collagen breakdown is happening at 48C, so I doubt it would be that tender either.
Answered by LeeW on Wednesday, August 03
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