Reheating prepared meat

Asked by Dayle on Thursday, December 09
What is the best way to reheat meat that has been prepared ahead in my sous vide, such as steaks or a small roast? I'd like to prepare 5-6 steaks at a time then reheat and enjoy when needed.

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Regenerating foods post sous vide is a good one....I too have prepared steaks under vaccuum cooked to medium rare and then chilled in an ice bath and refirgerated for later regeneration. <br /> <br />peronally i liked remove from the bag pat down dry so as not to cause a thunderstorm in the frying pan, season lightly then to sear them in a frying pan with high smoke point oil. <br /> <br />results - i found that the lenght of time i had to cook the steaks to get them to temperauture did slightly affect the rarety of the meat, however was a good method and produce a nice evenly cooked steak. <br /> <br />I agree with Jason another method would be to bring them back up to temperature in a water bath for example...or a microwave then for me to sear them in a pan. just another point of view that is hoepfully helpfull <br /> <br />regards <br /> <br />aaron
Answered by Aaron on Monday, February 07
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I come home from work then start cooking dinner. This places constraints on me, as meal preparation is usually done in a hurry. You might not have this constraint, but for me this means I can't start something for a 2 hour time in a water bath before dinner. But if the water bath is already up to temperature when I come home and the cooking bag already sealed in the fridge, I can gently reheat it in the water bath for a while as the rest of the meal is prepared. This might include frying or microwaving a fresh potato dish with attendant peeling and cutting, or boiling up a rice or pasta dish and vegetables. Then the partially re-warmed meat will be seared and finished, in the barbecue or a frying pan or on the broiler. This completes the process of warming from refrigerator temperatures to serving temperatures above 110 degrees F.
Answered by Leigh Jones on Monday, June 17
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To reheat pre-cooked sous vide food I'll normally just defrost the food and then heat it depending on the preparation I'd like. Sometimes just grilling or searing it after letting it sit out for 30 to 60 minutes to heat up. If your sous vide machine is available you can just toss them back in there until warmed, probably 15-30 minutes, depending if they were in the fridge or freezer. <br /> <br />I've also heard of people reheating sous vide food in the sauce they're going to use, like marsala or a beef stock similar to when you cool a braise, store it overnight, and then reheat it the next day. It should keep it a lot more moist. <br />
Answered by Jason Logsdon on Thursday, December 09
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