smelly cod sous vide

Asked by on Thursday, September 20
When we received our cod at an outdoor patio we were instantly besieged by flies and had to go inside. The waiter said this was normal. The restaurant manager said that because it was cooked sous vide the juices were concentrated and that's why it smelled so fishy. Does this make sense?

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A short soak in milk will usually deodorize fish. The scent more likely comes from the physical struggle that the fish endured being caught. I use the milk soak prior to cooking fish sous vide--typically salmon, 122F for 20 minutes, with a little butter and herbs in the bag, and sous vide fish has never attracted flies for me...
Answered by Leigh Jones on Saturday, June 15
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I have cooked fish sous vide and have never found that the fish smelled " fishy". I have done salmon, black cod and regular cod this way. Sounds as though the fish wasn't very fresh. Did you eat it? If yes, did you suffer any adverse effects?
Answered by ElsieD on Thursday, September 20
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