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Asked by on Tuesday, May 24
Does anyone have any recipes (& times & temperatures)for cooking British game? Karen

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Anything in particular in mind? <br /> <br />I think you can effectively substitute duck times/temps for feathered game, and lamb times/temps for furry game and it seems to work quite well. <br /> <br />e.g. venison shoulder being a tougher cut requires 48hrs or so at your desired 'doneness' temp. 55C seems popular, can't imagine you'd want it much more done. Rabbit is a little tougher than one might expect so longer cook times of upwards of 24hrs work well, again my preference is 55C. <br /> <br />There has been some mention of this on the sous vide in the uk thread towards the top as I recall, though it was venison-based. <br /> <br />
Answered by DaveyT on Tuesday, May 24
You can also find a lot of sous vide information, as well as over 100 recipes, in our book Beginning Sous Vide which you can get at or as a pdf download.

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