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Can trout be cooked with skin and bones.

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Yes, and head-on is OK also. Trout has a lot of tiny bones. When preparing it, it is best to know where all of the fins and such are, because there are bones supporting the fins that can be pulled with needle-nose pliers, making it easy for those being served have fewer bones to contend with. Leaving the fish relatively intact aids one to navigate this minefield. Most of the bones are best removed after cooking when the flesh has softened enough to release the ribcage, which can be pulled free by drawing the backbone out through the abdominal cavity. After the bones are out, potentially the skin might be drawn or cut off of the filet that remains, but I typically serve trout with skin on... As for cooking time and temperature, 123F for 20 minutes has worked well for me. I soak most fish in milk in the refrigerator for a half hour before bagging with dry herbs.
Answered by Leigh Jones on Sunday, June 16
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