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Time and Temp Cheat Sheet:
Beef and Pork

Always Know How Long Your Food Needs

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Are You Ever Confused How Long to Sous Vide Your Food?

The Time and Temp Cheat Sheet has been designed to help with just that! I've taken all of my favorite sous vide times and temperatures for beef and pork and combined them into one super convenient reference that will instantly let you know how long your food needs to be cooked!

Beef sous vide cheatsheet

Easy to Use

Simply find the food you want to cook on the Time and Temp Cheat Sheet and find the time indicated. You are then ready to make it with confidence knowing the meat will be properly cooked.

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Multiple Types of Meat

The cheat sheet works with almost all types of tender and tough beef and pork! Ranging from ribeye and chop up through baby back ribs and chuck roast

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Multiple Cooking Times

The Time and Temp Cheat Sheet covers multiple cooking times. Where appropriate it gives you the timing needed to heat through an item, tenderize it slightly, and tenderize it fully. It does this for multiple temperatures so you can use your sous vide machine with confidence.

Sous vide sirloin roasted vegetables

Cheaper Than a Ruined Steak

At only $9.95 the Sous Vide Cheat Sheet is less expensive than a single ribeye steak. Stop the guesswork and make sure your food is always the way you want it cooked, every time!

Sous vide times ruler scrub

Easy to Clean

Cleanup is important when handling raw meat and the Sous Vide Time and Temp Cheat Sheet makes it quick and easy. It is made of durable PVC Plastic which means it is 100% waterproof so you can clean it with a damp cloth or a soapy dish scrubber. And while we don't recommend it, it can even survive a time or two through most dishwashers.

Start cooking with confidence, and pick up a sous vide Time and Temperature Cheat Sheet today!

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Also available in a 15% off combo pack with our timing ruler!

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