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Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades from Sous Vide Supreme

Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades are the creators of the Sous Vide Supreme water oven, nutritional specialists with a new book out, and sous vide enthusiasts. They recently gave me some of their time to answer my questions about the Sous Vide Supreme, the direction of their company, and how they use sous vide.

1) You are both physicians and authors, which isn't the background most cutting edge manufacturers have and you claim it all started with a room service pork chop! Can you relate the story of how you got into sous vide to our readers?

It's true that it all started with that pork chop. Being in the health and nutrition business for many years we were acquainted with the concept of sous vide cooking, but had not thought to attempt it ourselves until a few years ago when we enjoyed a remarkable double cut pork chop from the room service menu of a Las Vegas hotel. In our experience 'room service' and 'remarkable' don't usually appear in the same sentence, but what arrived was the most succulent, tender pork chop we?d ever eaten ? and we?re from the South, where they know how to cook a pork chop! The meat was perfectly cooked edge to edge with a golden sear on either side. It was, perhaps, the best pork chop we'd ever eaten. So much so, that the next morning, we dropped by the restaurant to inquire how it was cooked and were told it was prepared sous vide.

So memorable, in fact, was that chop, that when we returned home, we were determined to learn more about the sous vide technique, and purchase a sous vide machine for our home, but at that time, all the available machines were made for industrial lab use or commercial kitchens. Worse yet, the least expensive device would set us back more than $1500 and it looked like a science project. If one doesn?t exist, we reasoned, then that was a market deficiency we could cure.? (It might not be as odd as it seems, since Mike was an engineer before he was a doctor, and not unacquainted with how electrical things work.) To cure that deficiency in the market, we set about to assemble the team of designers, manufacturers, and culinary professionals, who have been integral to the development of the SousVide Supreme?.

2) The SousVide Supreme seems to currently be alone in the middle of the sous vide market and was the first machine to really look like an appliance instead of a scientific instrument.? Can you discuss the thought process behind the design and positioning of the Sous Vide Supreme?

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