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7 Bone Steak

Information for 7 Bone Steak

Cut Ratings

Flavor 3 star rating
Tenderness 2 star rating
Value 1 star rating
Leanness 2 star rating

Typical Cooking Methods

Braise, Grill

Other Names for 7 Bone Steak

Center chuck steak, centre cut pot roast

Good Substitutes for 7 Bone Steak

Top blade steak or under blade steak

Traditional Dishes for 7 Bone Steak

7 bone pot roast, stew

Sous Vide Steak Recipes

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Description of 7 Bone Steak

7 bone steak is found in the chuck section of the heifer which is basically the front shoulder area. It is probably one of the toughest areas of the cow so normally any cut from the primal chuck section is cooked with a moist cooking method.

The cross cut of the shoulder blade is called the 7 bone steak. The same cross cut is also used for the 7 bone roast, with only the thickness being different. The steak is normally 1/2" to 3/4" inch in thickness. To get rid of the gristle in the meat, this cut requires proper cooking or it will turn out tough.

Compared to other cuts in the shoulder area of the heifer, this cut is thinner in thickness. Therefore it requires less braising.

Many people have the misconception that this cut actually has seven bones which is not true. It is called 7 bone steak because it resembles the number "7" in shape, which makes this cut easy to recognize. It is a tough cut so if you intend to broil or grill it then it is best if you marinate the 7 bone steak overnight. That will not only soften this cut of meat but can be a method of adding extra flavor to it. You can also use different type of seasoning like herbs to bring out the flavor that you favor.

The cut can also be used as stew meat or ground and used for hamburger.

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