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Bottom Round Steak

Bottom round steak

Information for Bottom Round Steak

Cut Ratings

Flavor 2 star
Tenderness 2 star
Value 4 star
Leanness 4 star

Typical Cooking Methods

Broil, Grill, Pan Fry, Stew

Other Names for Bottom Round Steak

Round steak

Good Substitutes for Bottom Round Steak

Cube steak, Minute Steak and Full-cut round steak

Traditional Dishes for Bottom Round Steak

Carne Asade Burritos

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Description of Bottom Round Steak

The bottom round steak is obtained from the round primal cut which is found in the cow's rear end and the back leg. These cuts are sometimes coveted because the muscles in this area are lean. However, if not cooked right, the beef can be tough to chew. Still these cuts are enjoyed because when they are cooked properly, the steak comes out with its own unique beefy flavor.

A variety of rubs and seasonings are used to make this cut more tender and flavorful. Usually an acidic marinade involving tomato juice, wine and vinegar is used to prepare the cut. Many cooks experiment with different marinades so that they can bring out different flavors of the beef cut.

People buy this cut because it is affordable and contain less fat. Cuts from other areas like short loin, sirloin or ribs are always more expensive than round cuts. The bottom round steak is sliced thin from the bottom round roast.

Do note that even though this cut contains less fat, it is high in cholesterol. Therefore people with high cholesterol should avoid eating it. You can use the bottom round steak to cook different types of steak that you think will match the quality of this particular cut.