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Round Steak

Information for Round Steak

Cut Ratings

Flavor 2 star rating
Tenderness 2 star rating
Value 2 star rating
Leanness 1 star rating

Typical Cooking Methods

Braise, Roast, Stew

Other Names for Round Steak

Mistaken for London broil and also called minute steak

Good Substitutes for Round Steak

Flank steak and top round steak (thicker compared to round steak)

Traditional Dishes for Round Steak

London broil, bresaola, top round roast and rinderbraten

Sous Vide Steak Recipes

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Description of Round Steak

The round steak is taken from the round section which is located in the hindquarters, the inside muscle of the upper leg, of the cow. The round section contains beef that is lean, less tender, and contains low amounts of fat.

The top round steak is known as the most tender cut among steaks in this primal cut, like round steak, eye of round steak and bottom round. Do note that a round steak and top round steak are not the same. A thick steak cut from top round roast is known as a top round steak while a thinner steak from top round roast is called round steak.

Many people call this cut "London broil" which is actually the name of a dish that can be made from this cut. Round steak is often cooked in a slow, moist heat method so that the cut maintains moisture and tenderizes. One can also grill it, if it is marinated properly. This is an economical cut that cannot only be used for roasts and steak but sliced thin and dried into beefy jerky.

You can also tenderize the meat by pounding it before cooking it. Also don't overcook this cut or it will become tough to eat.

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