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Top Loin Strip Roast

Information for Top Loin Strip Roast

Cut Ratings

Flavor 4 star rating
Tenderness 4 star rating
Value 4 star rating
Leanness 2 star rating

Typical Cooking Methods

BBQ, Broil, Grill, Pan Fry

Other Names for Top Loin Strip Roast

Top Loin Roast, Short-Cut Beef Loin, New York Strip Roast, Shell roast

Good Substitutes for Top Loin Strip Roast

Tenderloin roast, Rib roast, Tri-tip roast, rib-eye roast, top sirloin butt roast

Traditional Dishes for Top Loin Strip Roast

Pot Roast

Sous Vide Roast Recipes

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Description of Top Loin Strip Roast

Short loin is a primal cut located between the rib and sirloin. This primal cut produces high quality steaks. The tenderloin is also extracted from the short loin and is renowned for its buttery texture. Among all the primal cuts, short loin is one of the most delicious and expensive ones.

The top loin strip roast is extracted from the short loin so it shares characteristics with other cuts like New York strip steak. In the short loin primal cut, the largest muscle is the top loin. In fact it is even larger than the cut that makes up the T-bone.

Cuts from the short loin are famous for cooking mouth-watering steaks, however that doesn't mean that a great roast can't be made out of it. A whole top loin weighs around 10 to 15 pounds. Try to select a cut that has dense grain and marbling. Such cuts would be more flavorful in taste.

The top loin strip roast is a tender and well marbled cut that will produce the perfect, though expensive, pot roast. You can also enhance its flavor by dry-aging this cut for a few days uncovered beef in the refrigerator.

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