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Hey all,

I came across the Soy Sauce Chicken recipe over at the Sous Vide Supreme blog, http://blog.sousvidesupreme.com/2012/01/soy-sauce-chicken-sous-vide/, which I found very yummy.

Does anyone have any other recommendations for recipies that involve cooking a whole chicken sous vide?


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I personally would not cook a whole chicken sous vide because of safety concerns and the need to cook dark and white meat at different temps/time to get the best outcome.

Wrt the receipe, I can't help but have some reservations about sous viding a whole chicken, although the timing for the cooking is quite long at 5 hrs. Given that the chicken gets cut up into small pieces for presentation anyway, I would be tempted to cut the chicken into 2 halves, or better still, separate the dark meat (legs and wings) to end up with 3 or 4 bags. Just to complicate it even further, I'd cook the dark meat at about 70C for a couple of hours before lowering the temp to 63C and adding the breasts for an hour or so depending on thickness.

The recipe as written just doesn't take advantage of the sous vide technique.
What is the minumum number of hours that a whole chicken needs to be cooked so that it can be eaten safely?

I'm still new at sous vide, however can you explain why the recipe is not using the sous vide technique?
The minimum time to cook a whole sous vide chicken would depend greatly on the size of the chicken. Though 5 hours might be long enough for most birds.

By "The recipe as written just doesn't take advantage of the sous vide technique", @TonyB meant that because breast meat is usually done at 141°F / 60.5°C and the dark meat is done at around 156°F / 69°C then cooking it all together will result in something being under or over cooked.

A pretty standard way to sous vide "whole chicken" is to do what @TonyB alluded to and bag the white and dark meat separately then cook them at higher temperatures.

I hope that helps some, I'm sure cooking a whole chicken sous vide would still taste really good and be more moist than most oven baked chickens, regardless of the method you use.
Chicken takes time in cooking and minimum time of cooking is little but i agree with bert that it depends on size of chicken also . Few month before i had found a cooking temperature & time chart (http://www.sousvidesupreme.com/en-us/sousvide_cookingtemperatures.htm) where cooking time of chicken is detailed properly and that is very helpful.
I always took chicken recipes from different famous brand like knorr, allrecipes, foodnetwork etc because from there i got detailed in short time even doing my office work. Recently before few days i had cooked "CHICKEN CAPRESE" on demand of my wife. You can also try this from (http://www.knorr.com/article/detail/514173/easy-family-dinners).

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