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Kan Core Chef Knife

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A few months ago I was given a free Kan Core Chef Knife to test out and use. Here's my thoughts on it.

What We Like About the Kan Core Chef Knife

While I'm no knife expert, I do cook a whole lot and I test out a ton of knives. After using it for a month, I love everything about this knife.

It is heavier than most of my knives, which makes cutting just a bit easier since you have to use less muscle pushing down. The weight also seems to give it a little more balance and make it easier to control.

The look of the knife is very stylize and professional. I received the "hammered ebony" knife and it is one of the best looking knives I own.

The spine of the knife is slightly rounded, making it very comfortable to hold and reducing callousing during long use. It is also really well balanced and the handle is comfortable on the hand.

It has maintained its edge very well, staying sharp with only steeling, and it still cuts great.

  • Kan core chef knife box
  • Kan core chef knife boxed
  • Kan core chef knife blade

What We Don't Like About the Kan Core Chef Knife

I feel like I should be able to come up with something, but I can't.

Why We Recommend the Kan Core Chef Knife

I test out a lot of knives, and this is a rare one that has worked its way into my regular rotation. It is definitely a Top Pick, and at between $99 and $149, as long as you are not on a tight budget, it is a great way to go.

If it sounds right for you, buy one today!

User Comments on the Kan Core Chef Knife

Have you used the Kan Core Chef Knife? Let us know what you thought of it!

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