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How to Get Design Help on Fiverr and 99designs

Some people have a flair for design and others, like me, don't!

But a good design can make or break a product, so I highly recommend turning to professional help when you need a little boost of professionalism. I'll often reach out when I need a fun logo or design for branded products, a book cover design, or even video intros or voice overs.

Mens model kitchen landscape fuzzed

The two I turn to most often for design work are Fiverr and 99designs.

Fiverr For Quick Designs

Fiverr is amazing for short, specific work, or work that can be jump-started with a little help.

With Fiverr you basically submit a request, which a designer then fulfills. You may have 1 or 2 tweaks available to you, but in general you are more at their mercy. That's why we tend to use it on things we don't feel super strongly about, but we know it needs to look good. We also try to be specific about the things that matter to us in the design request.

We have used them for our shirt designs, an animated video intro, some profile sketches, a podcast voice over intro and several other projects. These typically run from $5 to $40 for the full files and are usually completed in just a few days.

You can skim Fiverr to see the types of services they offer, and it is usually best to find someone that has the style and feel of what you want before submitting an order with them.

  • Design work ask
  • Sous vide mugs models cow

For our shirt designs, we wanted to have a few options, so we sent the identical request to 3 designers. We only replaced "cow" with "pig" and "chicken". You can see the how different the responses were:

  • Mens model kitchen square cow blue
  • Mens model kitchen square pig black
  • Mens model kitchen square chicken black

If we had wanted something very specific, we could have really run into trouble. As it was, we liked all 3 and those became our final designs.

99designs for Critical Designs

99designs contest page

For larger projects, especially ones that you might not know specifically what you want, I have found 99designs to be very helpful.

We have used them several times to come up with logos for products or new website designs. 99designs works by asking you for lots of information about what you want, then having designers create multiple versions of it to see what resonates with you.

It is a much more back-and-forth process and you can give direction and input along the way, narrow down your options, and really get specific for what you are looking for. This results in much more exacting designs than you get from Fiverr.

Designs usually cost about $300 and take a week or so to complete.

  • Light negative 1k x 1k
  • Light negative 1k x 1k
  • Img 1035

Both services can work wonders for giving you a professional looking design when you need a boost to the professionalism of your final work.

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Where do you turn for great design help? Let me know in the Makin Bacon Facebook Group or the comments below.

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