Written by Jason Logsdon

Sneak Peak: FreshMealsMagic from Fresh Meals Solutions

Fresh Meals Solutions makes one of the most affordable sous vide cooking devices with their SousVideMagic cooking controller and we got a sneak peak at their newest product, their FreshMealsMagic sous vide cooker.

The FreshMealsMagic sous vide cooker contains a built-in immersible and bubbler. You can add it to any pot (up to a certain size, I'm sure) and it will evenly heat the water in it. I'm not sure what the price range will be for it but we will pass it on once we hear something.

From Frank Hsu at Fresh Meal Solutions:
We have changed the concept of the original eiPOT project.
It is not a physical pot, but it will make any pot into a sous vide pot. We are calling it, FreshMealsMagic (FMM). It can make any pot to cook sous vide dishes with its built-in immersible heater and agitate the bath through its bubble diffuser. FreshMealsMagic is made of materials resistant to heat up to 150C, FDA compliant and Ozone resistant. If you are not sous viding, you can use FMM to sanitize fresh vegetables and fruits by hooking it up to an ozone generator.

They are currently waiting for the final pre-production model to test and should release it soon if that goes well.
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