Modernist Potluck: Infusions and Spheres

Who hasn't goofed and made a dish too spicy? This article by offers 6 Ways to Tame the Flame and save your dish. Good tricks to have in your back pocket!

Looking for ideas for an end of the summer party? did a comparative experiment as to whether to brine or not brine chicken before cooking it sous vide. Their conclusion: "since sous vide fried chicken never gets dried out, there's simply no need to brine". Informative article with solid suggestions for sous vide cooking whole chickens and tips on making them into the best fried chicken dish ever.

Nothing says party time like pizza. With this zucchini, feta, lemon and garlic pie, helps use up extra produce from your garden.

Vanilla orange infused vodka Now here's a cocktail by that I can get behind - a refreshing watermelon infused vodka martini recipe. For more easy flavor packed sous vide infusions recipes check out my creamsicle with infused orange-vanilla vodka, orange-cinnamon infused bourbon or chili infused tomato vodka Bloody Mary! These libations are sure to be party hits! If you love infusions, make sure to sign up for my newsletter and get notified when my upcoming book on infusions comes out.

The Cooking District lays out the variety differences between many types of west and east coast oysters. I highly suggest that you have a good shucker before tackling fresh oysters for a large group! offered easy to follow information and detailed pictures explaining reverse spherification with their panna cotta topped with hibiscus syrup pearls recipe. For more spherification information and ideas see my flavor packed spherified mango ravioli or melon soup spheres.

Cantaloupe melon soup party spheres

Looking for some kick back relaxing but thought provoking reading? Grab a cold one and enjoy! Here's an interesting article on the rise of indoor vertical farming or The Chef & The Scientist's development of the truly memorable multisensory dining experience. Or maybe after a couple of cold ones this short slow motion video on factory made bow-tie pasta will be the perfect entertainment!

With sustainability being such a big topic these days, more and more people are looking for better cooking ways, and sous vide users are no exception. recently offered 5 tips for precision cooking in canning jars. They're reusable so give it a try where possible!

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