Modernist Potluck: Ribs, History, and Airplanes!

Honey chipotle spare ribs corn

Interested in cooking some ribs? The Food Lab's got you covered with their Guide to Sous Vide Ribs. It gives a variety of helpful information so you can prepare your ribs to the texture you prefer. If you like a little kick to your country style ribs try my sous vide honey-chipotle glazed ribs or my other sous vide rib recipes for more options.

This summer vegetable lasagna recipe is lighter than normal lasagna so it's even ideal for warmer weather. In addition, tackled the usual problem of summer vegetables containing too much water and ruining a casserole-type dish. This technique can be applied to any of your favorite recipes!

Baking with sous vide? It may sound counterintuitive but offers 5 Tips for Sous Vide Baking. You may just want to give it a try!

Sous vide hamburgers

I always enjoyed history, but these two articles would have made classes even more fun! offers a fun Illustrated History of Hamburgers in America highlighting its evolution. Make it a fully-themed event by munching on my sous vide hamburger with baby bella mushrooms and gruyere cheese while you read! In the second article, NPR described the new Comic Book Story of Beer as a graphical tour covering 9,000 years, from the cradle of agriculture to the modern-day craft beer.

These next 3 reads take us from the history realm to "what's happening now". First, it looks like food waste and beef fat or "green jet fuel" will be the next big thing Making Airplanes Soar! The new MOFAD (Museum of Food and Drink) will open October 28th in Brooklyn, NY. With many high profile chefs on the various boards, I'm sure it will be a first class operation. As a new Brooklynite, I'll be checking it out and let you know what all I find! And finally, Blackberry Farm's sommelier Andy Chabot fills us in on wine education, food pairings, and what to drink now.

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