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Adam asks what's your favorite knockout of 2018 so far?

- Adam Carter

Note: The following article is an edited transcript from the video.

I assume he's talking about dishes and not MMA or boxing. And in that case, I really liked 2 things.

Sous Vide Snake River Farms Prime Rib

One was the Snake River Farms gold wagyu they sent me. They hired me to make a video on how to sous vide prime rib, and sent me one of their bone-in wag American wagyu prime rib roasts. Not only did it taste amazing but it was also really fun to experiment with it. I cook it using a few different preparations and had my friend over to help me eat the $400, 11-pound prime rib. So that experience was all round exciting and something I generally don't do on a day-to-day basis.

Jason logsdon prime rib head.jpg

If you want more information on their gold wagyu, check out my Snake River Farms Prime Beef Review or my detailed video on How to Sous Vide Prime Rib. Sous vide wagyu prime rib roast 104

Sous Vide Turkey Roulade

The other one was from my sous vide Thanksgiving course. I hadn't really made a turkey or chicken roulade before. And since a lot of people were encouraging me to include it as part of the course, I wanted to make sure I had a recipe or two for it.

Sous vide turkey roulade 85

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I really enjoyed trying many different roulades. Learning how to take apart a turkey, break it down, remove the skin in a whole piece, then roll it all up with spices and seasonings on the inside, and finally using some meat glue to hold it together. It was fun, and surprisingly easy to tackle, when you want to make a special occasion type meal.

Sous vide turkey roulade 87

For more information, check out the video from my Thanksgiving Course on How to Sous Vide Turkey Roulade.

So those are 2 of my favorite things I've done so far this year for more special occasions.

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