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I am hosting a Sunday Lunch forup to 100 in aid of The Royal British Legion. I intend to do boneless pork loin with a cider, apple, thyme & juniper sauce as one of the choices. I need if possible advice on the maximum weight pork joint I can cook in one go & would it be acceptable to cook all the pork in advance and freeze it in the bags until the day of the lunch? I would then defrost,slice it, make the sauce then reheat slowly in the oven. Is there a formula for timings for larger cuts of meat? I dont want to risk undercooking it initially then have to risk it drying out in the oven.

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Hi Pat, I haven't done any sous vide cooking on the scale you are proposing so these are really just thoughts.

Since heating occurs from outside to in, its the smallest thickness side that determines cooking times for pork loin that would be about 3"-4"(?) this is at about the limit for any of the sous vide cooking tables I've seen. There also seems to be mixed opinions on the appropriateness of cooking thick meat, depending on water bath temp.

Alternatively, why not slice the loin into final potions, bag and cook in a single layer? this gets over the longer cooking times and as importantly is quicker to chill immediately after cooking. You could then bring up to temp on the day with minimum of subsequent handling.
Thanks Tony -you have given me some good advice - will cook several smaller portions & re- heat on the day

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