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Hello to all on the forum,

I am just about to start sous-vide cooking having invested in a SousVideMagic 1500D Controller and already possessing an oval ceramic pot slow cooker with bottom heat. Also just bought the thing that vacuum seals stuff in bags.

The reason I wanted to have a go at this is having eaten some wonderfully tasty succulent tender beef cheeks and other meat based at top restaurants, I would like to try and reproduce some of these wonderful meals at home.

I am in Scotland, and we have an excellent local butcher. I have also got some venison in the freezer...

Any suggestions with an easy fail-safe recipe to start with would be welcomed.


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Welcome to the wonderful world of sous vide! Some good starters are chicken breast (141°F / 60.5°C for 2 to 4 hours), sous vide pulled pork, and a nice chuck steak (not sure the Scottish cut name) at 55C for 1 to 2 days (it turns out like a tender rib eye). Sous vide ribs and sous vide pork chops are also favorites of mine. Hope this helps some!
The last bit of our sous-vide equipment arrived just after we had fortuitously bought some lamb shanks from the local butcher.

My husband spent a day happily watching the sous-vide PID controller auto-tuning itself to our slow cooker, and then we had a proper go at cooking last weekend.

The slow cooker was filled with water at approximately 60°and allowed to come up to 80°

The lamb shanks were very quickly browned in very hot oil before being individually sealed in their vacuum bags and put into the water on Saturday afternoon.

Come supper time on Sunday we opened up the slow cooker, took them out and found the lamb shanks beautifully cooked and surrounded by clear gravy. I cut the bottom corner to allow the clear meat juice to drip out into the vegetable dish we were making to go with them.

The lamb shanks were beautifully cooked, quite a dark pink but also falling apart and beautifully tender and really, really tasty.

I've been hearing about a local restaurant with rooms here on Skye that has has a professional sous-vide machine with two water baths at different temperatures and all their meat is cooked this way.

We have some venison in the freezer, and I can't wait to try that but we have our veggie daughter and son-in-law coming for the weekend so the venison will have to wait.

Those sous vide shanks sound great! I'm glad it turned out good for you.
Chicken breast is amazing and juicy, I prefer 59 deg for 3-4 hours. For them. It's a great example of the difference that SV can make. I tried some beef cheeks at 58 deg for 2 days and they were also awesome. Welcome to the community!

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