Sous vide tenderloin filet for 2-3 hours?

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Ok, I've read about some people allowing their beef to spend too much time in the sous vide where even though the meat came out at 135 degrees- the texture was off. I have three filets about 8 ounces each. According to the app tenderloin steaks should go in for 2-3 hours. Will this cause a texture issue? I can grill them without a problem- but I would love to have the perfect medium rare steak.

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I do fillet for 30min @ 62C / 143F, and then sear afterwards. If you like it a little bit rarer, or you've got a massive fillet, you can go a little cooler (say 60C / 140F) for a little longer (45min).

The sear kills any external bacteria (just as it would if you were serving the steak rare).
I can't comment specifically on fillet as I only ever eat it raw as Steak Tartare, but Rib-eye and Sirloin are cooked nicely after 1-1.5 hours so there's certainly no need to cook fillet for more than that. I cook them at 55C I think.
Any of those times should work fine and the texture should hold up great through 3 to 4 hours if it's left in that long.
Polyscience recommends 138F for 45 minutes for a three inch beef tenderloin. I think if you cook it for a little longer, you will end up with a slightly more tender result.

I have run into the situation of overcooking beef, but it has happened with tougher cuts which are cooking for days. In that case, I ended up with a beef roast that was one step removed from pate.... It was cut-with-a-spoon tender... ;-) I haven't had any problems like this when just cooking beef part of the afternoon.

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